Monday, December 17, 2012

God can't be kept out...

Emotions have flowed through me like crazy today when entering my elementary school.  I woke up with the thought that "no one should have to enter en elementary school today."
But then I started thinking of a father they interviewed who lost his child.  He said how thankful he was for all of the support and generosity of others comforting his grieving heart.  He also said that he felt to special to have shared six years with his little angel.
I also thought of the principal, who is a mother of 5, and the teacher who placed her tiny, precious children into closets and cabinets giving her life for theirs.
Then I felt this sense of peace and gratitude for the humble hearts who still exist in our world.  That out of such a tragedy, comes beautiful lives and stories.
People are choosing to blame everyone and everything, but there is none to blame.  All we can do is pray...but hearing these heartwarming stories shows that God was THERE through everything.  He is also THERE in each one of us as we strain to comprehend.  I will hold my baby tonight with more love imaginable and say a multitude of special prayers for the families who have had to experience such a loss.  I will pray for the children whose innocence was taken, I will also pray for the family of the man who caused this pain.  But know in my heart, through all of this, God is THERE, HERE, EVERYWHERE...  He is the only way for us to move on.

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