Monday, December 10, 2012


Today my third graders came up with synonyms for the word, happy.  We killed him, happy, because we decided we should have better word choice in our writing class! So R.I.P happy.
I am not usually one to say that I am happy... I feel that people who have to continuously yell out/post out their happiness just aren't generally happy.
BUT... today... I am thrilled about my new  Victoria's Secret pajamas (with free slippers) which I bought when purchasing Christmas gifts online for others!
Speaking of...
Our class gifts this year are letters to our parents.  Not just any letter, but a "true feelings and thank you" letter.  Isn't that the best gift anyways!  The students are more excited about this letter than any other "parent present" I have made in the past with kiddos.  I will def. post some student quotes on here... because their words of kindness are precious.  We also started R.A.K aka random acts of kindness in our classroom.  Thanks to Oh Boy 4th Grade's blog for the R.A.C.K tags.  We have a basket for students to nominate these acts throughout the daily and we choose a winner!  Happy 9 days teachers!! ALMOST HOLIDAY TIME :)

Keep Complex

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